Welton’s Assistant Mr. Higgins Promoted to Director of Football Operations

Leslie Higgins was promoted from garden gnome to Director of Football Operations late last night. Though some outside of Nelson Road may have been surprised, anyone that has seen him shuffle around in Ms. Welton’s wake since the divorce would have figured as much.

Mr. Higgins knows almost nothing about football, and this will almost certainly have disastrous implications for the future of AFC Richmond on the pitch. He does, however, know where the bodies are buried, as they say, so Ms. Welton will undoubtedly keep him within spitting distance. In the event that former owner Rupert Mannion ever disappears or dies, it’s safe to say Leslie Higgins will be sure to follow.

Live from the Dog Track, this is Devin, wondering how long it will be until someone realizes there’s an intern running a Premier League club’s entire website.

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