HIGHLIGHTS | AFC Richmond v Crystal Palace FC

AFC Richmond picked up their third consecutive loss today, their first under newly appointed manager Ted Lasso. Crystal Palace had the run of the action, apart from a solo consolation goal for Jamie Tartt, and are climbing the table as the Greyhounds sink further toward the relegation zone.

Sorry, I just have to get something out quick –

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. My god what were they even doing out there? Am I crazy or did they form a wall along the flanks? They do know that other teams have midfielders, right?

Usually teams get a bit of a bounce with a new manager but wow that was shocking. The only real highlight came from the Palace side, with Zaha smashing an absolute cracker into the top corner of O’Brien’s net.

Check out the highlights and see for yourself. Or just pour bleach in your eyes, whatever feels less painful.

Live from the Dog Track. Woof.

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